Committed to waste recycle and automatic management, Medex Environmental specializes in pollutants purification, waste automatic classification and pneumatic separately transportation. We have the products and technology following:

1. Automatic incinerating collector. An automatic incinerating collector is designed to efficiently disposal the hazard waste, such as medical waste, especially the waste caused by COVID-19 and pandemics on site. The waste is directly incinerated in the collector without pollution. Putting the hazard waste into the collector and depositting the waste in the same collector set in a room. The waste is automatically incinerated inside the collector. That can replace the manual collection with body touch to prevent the virus infection. The key is the high efficient purifying assembly set in the collector. it can purify the secondary pollutants caused by the waste incinerating inside the collector, and get at 0 pollutant emission to ensure the safety of the room. There is no odor.

2. Automatic classifying collector. Classify the waste is a key for waste recycle. However, training dwellers how to classify the waste is inefficient. Why a machine? Because training a machine to classify the waste is always much more efficient than the dwellers. An automatic classifying collector is designed to increase the efficiency by setting the collect in kitchen, putting the waste into the collector, classifying the waste by the collector, and deposing the waste in the containers for automatic separating collection. That improves the inefficiency caused by dwellers.

The automatic incinerating collector working under room condition, no smoke, no odor, no pollution.

Automatic incinerating collector network & remote controlling and a set of equipment.

The network is designed to automatically manage the hazard waste city wide. The set of equipment comprises the automatic incinearting collectors, information exchanger and controller or APP. Hazard waste is dangerous, such as COVID-9. Getting at remote controlling is important to the hazard waste automatic management. To increase the efficiency, a collector network set up by setting up the collectors in where the hazard waste producing; putting the waste into the collector and depositting the waste in the container & incinerator set in the collector; automatic incinerating the waste in the collector by the instruction of the controller or APP through the information exchanger; getting at automatic management and monitor of the hazard waste in a city or a country wide.


Automatic classification pneumatic separately collection of municipal waste and a set of equipment.

The set of equipment is designed to automatic separately collect each type of the classified waste. It is comprised of a pneumatic pipeline, a network of automatic classifying collectors, dispatcher valves and remote controller or APP. Setting up the automatic classifying collectors in kitchens; putting each waste into the collector; classifying the waste by the collector; depositting each type of classified waste in the collector; transforming each waste into flowing particle; separately discharging each type of the waste into the neumatic pipeline by the instruction of a controller according a time schedule; and separately turn the dispatcher valves toward each recycle center by the instruction of the controller; alternatively transporting each type of the waste into each recycle center through the same pneumatic pipelin; getting each classified waste for recycle; and completely eliminating the pollution of the waste.