Medex Green was founded in 2005, committed to the municipal waste automation.

Municipal waste, a golden mine. The patented technology offers the best solution to the waste valuable conversion. It makes the solid waste automation and promotes the sustainable development of world economy.

Municipal waste is big challenge for dwellers, industrials and municipalities worldwide. It is putrescent, odorous and contaminating our living space. Most of the solid wastes are biodegradable and could be recycling. However, the incumbent solid waste collection and management widely use poly package that causes the biodegradable solid waste and poly materials cross-contamination, complicate the components and devalue the waste. The main disposal of such waste is incinerate and landfill, but they are pollutant transfer. Taking landfill as an example, the leachate caused the land, surface water, ground water contamination and the landfill gas emission is a green house gas that causes global warm. Besides, the cost of such waste disposal and management are very high.

To remove the poly from the waste, get pure biodegradable waste fore recycle, lead to the solid waste automation, and reduce the cost of the waste disposal, the patented designed a technology, that introduce the method of fluidizing the solid waste with proportion water, change the waste from solid phase into flowing particles or liquid phase to satisfy pipeline evacuation that realized solid waste automatic evacuation, transportation and get the poly package free waste jam to produce renew energy methane and organic fertilizer.

The process is:
Separately putting the poly waste, paper waste and biodegradable waste into the specified containers of the waste fluidizing collector set indoor or outdoor, respectively fluidizing the wastes in the containers with proportioned water, alternately evacuating the fluidized wastes through the same connected pipeline into the regional collecting tanks, transporting the ploy waste and paper waste to the recycle plants, and biodegradable waste to the methane generating pool, the sludge is dewatered for organic fertilizer and the waste water disinfected for soilless growth liquid. The diagram following is showing the procedure:

The patented technology makes all of the wastes closed in. It is clean, facilitating and odorless. For the wastes going through the pipeline automatically without manual collection, that is largely reduce the cost of the waste management and disposal. Because the waste going through the pipeline without the poly package, the poly waste can never go into the nature and risk the environment, we can widely use the poly without pollution.

The technology is reliable. A large scale tests shown that the fluidized waste jam can go through a small diameter (< 2 cm) pipe without jam.

The direct products of the patented technology developed are:
a. Solid waste fluidize collector that was equipped the auto water proportioner, infrared sensor opener and controlling systems.
b. Solid waste pipeline evacuating and transporting services.
c. Renewable energy methane.
d. Organic fertilizer and soilless growth liquid.

The potential consumer and the end user are:
a. Solid waste fluidize collector: the families, industries and municipalities.
b. Solid waste pipeline evacuating and transporting services: the families, industries and municipalities.
c. Renewable energy methane: the families, business and industries
d. Organic fertilizer and soilless growth liquid: farm and landscape

The technology is patented, U.S.A 12504657, PCT/CN2010/070691, CN 2009101061730, and 2009201361976.

The value

The significant of commercialization of the technology and the unique advantage to the incumbent implement waste management are:

  1. Eliminate the solid waste pollution and improve the quality of living. The household and industrial solid waste will be directly automatically evacuated from house, business and public squares by setting the solid waste fluidize collector indoor and outdoor through the connected pipeline. It saves time, manpower and facilitative. The technology makes solid waste automatically going through the pipeline that close the waste in. It will be well-being of individuals and society and reduce the liability of individual, municipality and society. We will never be vexed by the putrescent, the eye-scores and the odour of the solid waste. It will largely reduce the liabilities of municipalities and release the crises of economic development and waste increase that risk to environment.
  2. Eliminate poly package materials pollution. The technology fluidizes the wastes and automatically evacuates the solid wastes through pipeline without package. It saves and prevents more than 33000 tons poly annually in Canada and 10million tons annually in the world that through the waste package going into nature and risks to environment.
  3. It made all solid waste renewable and resourceful. By sorting the wastes under the patent technology, it leads all of the municipal solid wastes renewable. The fluidized poly waste and paper waste are transported through pipeline to recycle plants. The biodegradable waste is transported through pipeline to methane generate plants. The technology will generate additional 110m3 methane/ton and 150kg fertilizer/ton. It will generate 3000,000,000 M3 methane and 5 megaton organic fertilizer annually in Canada and more than 270 billion M3 methane and 300 megatons organic fertilizer annually in the world.
  4. It will reduce the green house gas (GHG) and prevent global warm. There are 5% GHG coming from landfill in the world according to the statistics. Green House Gas emission from landfill that may exacerbate the global warm. The patent technology coming into use will reduce the green house gas (GHG) emission from landfills, 23,661,000 tons CO2 equivalence GHG annually in Ontario, 63,096,000 tons CO2 equivalence GHG annually in Canada and 19.7 billion tons CO2 equivalence GHG annually in the world.
  5. It will create a brand new industry and new market need because it is like the home appliance related billions families, industries and municipalities. For example, the multiple solid wastes fluidize collector manufacture industry, the potential market will be large. it will create brand new revenue resource of billions and large job positions in Ontario, Canada and the world. The solid waste pipeline evacuate service, the solid waste renew industrial, the renew energy methane manufacture and organic fertilizer manufacture industrials are too. It will be significantly promote the local, provincial and federal economic development.
  6. Lowing the cost and getting the profit. The technology will largely reduce the cost of solid waste disposal. The cost by the patented technology is around $20/ton that include the cost of the power to fluidize the waste $3.5/ton, the depreciation of the pipeline, and the cost of operation. Besides, it will produce methane and fertilizer that value around $30/ton. However, the cost of the incumbent manual collecting and landfill is from $50/ton to $69/ton. The patented technology has the advantage of saving the land from the contamination by landfill.
  7. It gives the solution and releases the crisis of the loom landfill site shortage and the increase municipal waste. The municipalities must have an alternative means for disposing of municipal waste, we offer a great alternative to meet that need.

It will add high value to Ontario, Canadian and the world economic development:

  1. The first phase 4million solid waste fluidizes collector manufacture plant will generate $2 billion revenue and 1138 permanent positions, the pipeline construction will create at least 1500 part-time job positions. It will be expected to develop to 40 million sets with $20 billion revenue and 10,000 employees annually in Ontario, Canada and the world.
  2. Solid waste pipeline automatic evacuation service for 1 million families will generate $180million revenue in the world. For Ontario, it will create $500 million extra revenue annually from the waste pipeline service and $1500 million in Canada annually.
  3. It made all sold waste renewable and generates extra 396 million m3 methane and 630,000 tons organic fertilizer for soil enhance in Ontario, 3520 million M3 methane annually in Canada, and 1100 billion M3 renew methane annually in the world. That will meet the shortage of nature energy resource annually.

The project is widely qualified the word sustainable economic development policy. If it could be widely going into use, it would benefit the dwellers, industries and promote the world economic sustainable development.

The Organizer & Inventor:

Brian (Zeguo) Qiu, having demonstrated success over 30 years in waste disposal, environmental monitoring, biochemistry and genomics research both in academic and industrial organizations. Geting more than 10 patents worldwide. Completed city environmental protection plan, environmental monitoring and waste disposal. Widely knowledge of environmental protection, geology, chemistry, genomics and mechanics. A senior researcher with:

* Definitive abilities in planning, organization and decision-making.

* Well-organized, efficient capable of shouldering responsibility. 

* Skilled in discovering resourceful and enterprising solutions to problems.

* Self-motivated, steady and focused team player committed to professionalism and integrity.

* Positive altitude, good communication and friendship