The value to the business are:

A.    Technology advantage and patents. The technological products are widely used in family, industrial, and municipalities. The market needs is large. The patent protection guarantees it well development.

B.    Worldwide supports. Climate change attracts the attention from worldwide. An efficient technology to reduce green house emission from landfill will get the supports worldwide that is important to the innovative business.

C.    Excellent quality and service. The innovative technology offer the products facilitate waste dumping, lead to solid waste automatically evacuation and benefit generation that lays out the foundation of the social and market need, it is the base of the business surviving and the energy boost the business development.

D.    Low cost with high profit. The technology offers the method to disposal and renew solid waste with low cost, and produce high value renewable energy methane, organic fertilizer. It lays the solid foundation of the business success.

E.    Fund and policy support; there are many fund support the project, such as The Toronto Region Sustainability Program (TRSP), The Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM)’s Green Municipal Fund (GMF) and the Municipal Rural Infrastructure Fund. Such as Municipal Rural Infrastructure Fund helps support smaller scale municipal infrastructure such as water and wastewater treatment, or cultural and recreation projects. Eligible Region(s) is Canada. Eligible Recipients are Provincial/Territorial Governments, Municipal Governments, Private Companies or Individuals, First Nation Communities/Organizations. Overall Fund Size In May 2007, the Government of Canada announced an additional $200 million to top up the initial $1 billion program.