Experience in ecological protection, waste recycle and pollution controlling for more than 35 years, Medex Environmental specializes in pollutant purification, waste automatic classification and pneumatic separately transportation. We have achieved the results & products following:

Environmental pollution causes gene mutation;

Gene pollution impacts ecological health;

Medical waste disposal and a set of equipment;

Electronic waste disposal and a set of equipment;

Heavy metal pollution impacts health;

Waste protein recycle and a set of equipment;

Automatic identifying and classifying collector for municipal waste;

A remote controlling system for waste separative collection;

Nanomaterials application;

Pollutants efficiently purification;

Automatic incinerating & pollutant purification collector and remote controlling;

Automatic pneumatic separately collection of municipal waste with remote controlling and a set of equipment;

Sewage sludge recycle for high efficient fertilizer.


Hazard waste or medical waste caused by COVID-19 can get automatic management and monitor by the automatic incinerating collector with remote controller or APP.