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The project:

Solid Waste Automatically Evacuation Methane Generation and Multiple Waste Fluidize Collector (MWFC) Production

1. Company summery

The company legal name is Medex Tech Company. It is a business company aim to innovative technology development. It has been formed to provide a solution for municipal waste problem. It will be formed as a limited liability company. Medex tech company was fund on Sep 13, 2005. It is ownered by Mr. Zeguo Qiu, the same as the patent owner.

2. Company contact information

Contact person: Brian (Zeguo) Qiu
Address: 36 Redcastle Cres,
Scarborough, On. Canada M1T 1V3
Tel: (001) 416-499-5568. Cell: 416-839-6158

3. Organizer summery

The organizer, Brian (Zeguo) Qiu, will meet the organization of the project. He demonstrated success over 25 years in waste disposal, environmental monitoring, biochemistry and genomics research both in academic and industrial organizations. Got more than 10 patents worldwide. Completed city environmental protection plan, environmental monitoring and waste disposal. Widely knowledge of environmental protection, geology, chemistry, genomics and mechanics.

—Definitive abilities in planning, organization and decision-making.
—Well-organized, efficient capable of shouldering responsibility
—Skilled in discovering resourceful and enterprising solutions to problems.
—Self-motivated, steady and focused team player committed to professionalism and integrity.
—Positive altitude, good communication skill and friendship

4. Brief Description:

The project related to the solid waste facilitative dumping, automatically evacuation, transportation and renewable energy, organic fertilizer and soilless growth liquid production. Present now, the incumbent waste collection used poly package that cause the biodegradable solid waste and poly materials cross-contamination, complicate the components and devalue the waste. The main disposal of such waste is landfill, but it is the pollutant transfer, that caused the land, surface water, ground water contamination and green house gas emission. The patent technology used the method of fluidizing the solid waste with proportion water from solid phase into flowing particles or liquid phase to satisfy pipeline evacuation that realized solid waste automatic evacuation, transportation and get poly package free waste jam to produce renew energy methane, organic fertilizer and soilless growth liquid. The direct products of the patent technology developed are solid waste fluidize collector, solid waste pipeline evacuating and transporting service, renew energy methane, organic fertilizer and soilless growth liquid.

5.    Objectives

To meet the needs of market and society, the business objectives contains 3 years objective.

A.    Set up manufacture plant with out put of 150,000 sets of waste fluidize collectors in year 1 and expend to 2million and 4million sets in the year 2, and year 3.

B.    Set up fully plant of solid waste pipeline evacuation and methane generation with the capacity of 10t/day and serve 3,000 families, produces 396,000m3 methane and 630tons fertilizer in year 1, and expand to 1million families, 132million m3 and 210,000 tons fertilizer in year 2, and 3million families, 396million m3 and 630,000tons fertilizer in year 3.

C.    Promote the technology advance, offer demonstration of green house to show the advantages of the technology and apply the fund, loan to expend the products and services.

D.    Lead to legislation. Solid waste pipeline transporting system as the tap water and drainage system in the municipalities will be one of the important systems. It improves the living quality of the citizens, and promotes the economic of municipalities and industrials. It will widely support the world sustainable development and eliminate GHG emission. Thus, it is reasonable to legislate and take it into the account of the infrastructure construction of municipalities.

6.    Mission

To meet the market need and offer the best service, our product, multiple waste fluidize collector will be satisfied to work indoor and outdoor condition, and with high function of automatic clean, de-odor, noise reducing, safe operating, lid opening, manageable timer, system and information exchange that to provide high quality product to consumer. Set up solid waste automatic pipeline evacuation and methane production system will be automatic management and environmental reliable to offer the best service and produce renew energy and fertilizer to meet the market needs. Thus our missions comprise:

A.    Set up MWFC production stream line.

B.    Long distance pipeline transportation system construction

C.    Methane generation and fertilizer manufacture plant construction

D.    Sludge gravity dewater system construction

E.    Wastewater purification system construction.

F.    Management hardware, software installation.

G.    License and admission application.

H.    Widely promotion.

I.    Contact government, municipality and medium, lead to legislation.

7.    Key to success

The keys to our business are:

a.    Technology advantage and patents. The technological products are widely used in family, industrial, and municipalities. The market needs is large. The patent protection guarantees it well development.

b.    Worldwide supports. Climate change attracts the attention from worldwide. An efficient technology to reduce green house emission from landfill will get the supports worldwide that is important to the innovative business.

c.    Excellent quality and service. The innovative technology offer the products facilitate waste dumping, lead to solid waste automatically evacuation and benefit generation that lays out the foundation of the social and market need, it is the base of the business surviving and the energy boost the business development.

d.    Low cost with high profit. The technology offers the method to disposal and renew solid waste with low cost, and produce high value renewable energy methane, organic fertilizer. It lays the solid foundation of the business success.

e. Fund and policy support; there are many fund support the project, such as The Toronto Region Sustainability Program (TRSP), The Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM)’s Green Municipal Fund (GMF) and the Municipal Rural Infrastructure Fund. Such as Municipal Rural Infrastructure Fund helps support smaller scale municipal infrastructure such as water and wastewater treatment, or cultural and recreation projects. Eligible Region(s) is Canada. Eligible Recipients are Provincial/Territorial Governments, Municipal Governments, Private Companies or Individuals, First Nation Communities/Organizations. Overall Fund Size In May 2007, the Government of Canada announced an additional $200 million to top up the initial $1 billion program.

8. The Market value

Worldwide market need is huge basic of the statistics of the population in the world. There are 6,786,884,840 populations in the world according U.S. census bureau, and create 10 billion tons solid waste annually. The potential products market need will reach up to $1,000 billions, the service will value $30 billion annually. The renew methane will be 1,100 billion m3 and produce 1,500 million tons organic fertilize annually.

There are 307,560,395 population in United State of America according the U.S.A Census Bureau. They produce 300 million tons solidwast annually. The total cost of disposal is 13,388 million in 2008, therein collection 8,679 million, landfill 2,955 million, transfer 1,589 million, according WMI 2008 report.

According Canadian Statistics, in 2006, Canadians produced over 1000 kg of waste per person, up 8% from 2004. Of this total, 835 kg went to landfills or was incinerated while 237 kg was diverted from landfill. Overall, this translates into 35 million tones of waste handled by the waste management industry; 27 million tons of that waste was disposed in landfills or was incinerated and almost 8 million tons were diverted from disposal and processed through material recovery facilities or centralized composting operations. Approximately 22 million tons of waste came from non-residential sources in 2006 while the other 13 million tones were from residential sources. There are several factors that drive increases in the production of waste. Population growth, increased economic activity and rising incomes may be contributing factors. In an active economy, more goods and services are purchased by businesses and households. Goods have packaging that must be disposed or recycled or, the good itself may be discarded or recycled once it is used. Between 2004 and 2006, there was a 6% increase in GDP observed nationally. Total current expenditures by local governments in Canada increased to $2.0 billion in 2006 from $1.8 billion in 2004. At over $900 million, collection and transportation continued to make up the lion’s share of current expenditures in 2006. Operation of disposal facilities consumed the next largest share of the total amount of current expenditures at $419 million followed by tipping fees at $194 million. Current expenditures on the operation of recycling facilities increased by 47% to $171 million between 2004 and 2006. Capital expenditures totaled $312 million in 2006.

As on the analysis, the total potential market need will be value at $84.5 billion in North America, therein multiple waste fluidize collector $60 billion, automatic solid waste evacuation service 16.5 billion annually, methane product $5.5 billion annually, and fertilizer $2.5 billion annually.

The detail bussiness plan is available upon requesting