It is brand new industry. We must face barriers.

The first crises is the shortage of financial suport. It is a large projet. We have to set up the solid waste fluidize collector production line, the service pipeline, the methane generate plant and soilless growth plant. The cost is extremely high that is out of our capability. We have to search and apply the financial suport worldwide.

The second barrier is the different conception. The conflict of the value and the cost of pipeline construction. The municipal solid waste outlet pipeline must be taken into the count of the municipal facility construction plan, it is an important part that forms the municipality. It is the same as highway for auto, pipe for tap water and cable for power. On 1885, the first auto was invented. We did not give it up for the high cost of road construction. We can adopt it, because it promoted the living quality and facilitate the world economic development. We have tap water, drainage, and power supply. We have to pay the high cost of the line, pipe and cable construction, because they are formed the important parts of a municipality and improve our living. Comparing the expenses of highway, drainage and cable construction, the cost of the waste outlet pipeline is much less. Municipal solid waste evacuate pipeline system, a new service is an important part of the municipality, because it will significantly improve the quality of living and promote the world economic sustainable development. We have to adopt it and take it as a part of the important facilities. Comparing the incumbent waste disposal system, the average cost of solid waste collecting and landfill is $70 to $90/ton, but the patented technology is less than $20/ton, this include the depreciation of pipeline. Besides it will generate $30/ton benefit of renewable energy methane and fertilizer. After deduct the cost, we can get $10/ton surplus.Thus, municipal government invests for it is reasonable and worth.

In despite of the cost of municipal waste outlet pipeline is lower than that of others, we have researches to minimize the diameter of the pipe. The test results shown that 2cm diameter pipe is big enough to conduct the fluidized waste jam. It will largely reduce the cost of the pipeline construction.

For the technology could be widely used in the world soon, your supporting, donating and attending are high value to us and our project.