For the solid wastes automation, the patented technology used of fluidizing the solid waste into liquid or flowing particles to satisfy the pipeline transportation. Whe going near to the Multiple Fluidizing Collector, it is automatically opening the lid of the Multiple Fluidizing Collector by the infrared sensor assembly. Separately putting the poly waste, paper waste and biodegradable waste, according to the municipal wastes recycle label, into the correspond containers of the Multiple Fluidizing Collector, fluidizing the wastes in the containers with the proportioned water, evacuating the fluidized wastes through the pipeline by the set time schedule, transporting the poly waste and paper waste into the recycle plants, transporting the biodegradable waste going through the pipeline into the Methane Generating Plant, methane collected for fuel. The sludge dewatered for organic fertilizer, the waste water going to the soilless growth house for growth liquid. The process made the solid wastes completely renewable utilization. The following picture showing the procedure of the project. In the picture, the right container is for the poly or paper waste the left one is for biodegradable waste, the diameter of the pipeline is 3.2cm.


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