Medex offers the project, technology, apparatus and services for municipal solid waste automation, and renewable utilization. The products and services are following:

A. the combined multiple waste fluidize collector. To be handy, manageable and work indoor, outdoor, it is equipped the automatic clean, de-odor, noise reducing, safe operating assembly, automatic lid opener, manageable timer, information exchange assembly and heater. It can collect and fluidize the poly waste, paper waste and biodegradable waste in the same time according the municipal waste recycle label and use the same one 2-3 cm diameter pipe (the white pipe beside) to transport the deferent wastes into recycle plant automatically. In the picture the right bucket is for biodegradable waste and the left bucket is for poly or paper waste. The size is 40(L) x 30(W) x 50(H).



B、The solid waste pipeline evacuating and transporting project and services. Medex can offer the service for the regional solid waste collecting and transporting pipeline setting up and management. The coloured pipeline can collect and transport the poly waste, paper waste and biodegradable waste separately.

C. The renewable energy methane. Medex can offer the service, technology and equipments to set up the methane generating plant and management.

D. The organic fertilizer from the dewatered methane sludge. The production equipments and apparatus are available.

E. Soilless growth liquid from the waste water. Medex offers the available service to set up the soilless growth house and waste water purification.